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Something that everyone should do is to try typical food from other countries. You never know, you may just come across a new favourite.

Here is a list of typical food from different countries around the world. You will have the name of the dish (or food) in the local language and then what that dish contains explained in English.

Argentina: Asados, Empanadas, Milanesas, Provaleta, Dulce de Leche

Brazil: Feijoada, Moqueca, Coxinha, Roupa Velha.

Chile: empanadas, pastel de choclo, porotos granados, sopaipillas and many seafood dishes.

Colombia: Bandeja Paisa, Arepa, Patacones, Sopa de Mondongo

Ecuador: Fritada, Encocado de Camarones, Llapingachos, and even your friendly pet Cuy can be eaten.

Egypt: Koshary, Baba Ghanoush, Kofta, Molokhia

New Zealand: Jaffas, Hangi, Pavlova, Roast Lamb

Paraguay: Sopa Paraguaya, Bifé Koygua, Chipa Guazú

Peru: Papa a la Huancaina, Lomo Saltado, Ceviche, Aji de Gallina.

Uruguay: Asado, Chivito, and Pizza by the metre.

Venezuela: Arepas, Hallaca, Tequeño

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Typical Food

A list with the names of typical food and drink of different countries and an explanation of what it contains.


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