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What is the Work and Holiday Visa?

The Work and Holiday (subclass 462) Visa is for tertiary educated Chilean nationals aged 18 to 30 who are interested in a working holiday of up to 12 months in Australia. This visa allows you to supplement the cost of your holiday through periods of temporary or casual employment.

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently an annual limit of 500 Work and Holiday visas available for Chilean Nationals.

What are the conditions of the Visa?

If you are granted a Work and Holiday visa, you can:

  • stay in Australia for up to 12 months from the date you first enter Australia;
  • travel in and out of Australia as many times as you wish during your 12 month stay;
  • study or train in Australia for up to 4 months; and
  • work in Australia for up to 6 months with each employer.

Other conditions apply to this visa. You will be informed of these at the time when your visa is granted.

Am I eligible for this Visa?

The Work and Holiday visa is open to Chilean nationals who:

  • hold a valid Chilean passport;
  • are outside Australia at the time of the lodgement of the visa application;
  • are at least 18 years old, but who have not turned 31;
  • have no dependent children;
  • are able to speak English at a functional level;
  • hold tertiary qualifications or have completed or have been approved to undertake a third year of undergraduate study (studies must be recognized by the Chilean Government);
  • have sufficient funds for the first part of their stay in Australia (at least AUD$5000), as well as their airfare;
  • have a letter from the Chilean Foreign Ministry certifying their suitability to participate in the visa arrangements; and
  • meet health requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: You should consider carefully whether you meet the requirements of this visa. Once you have applied for the visa, if the visa is refused, or if you change your mind and no longer wish to travel to Australia, the visa application charge cannot be refunded.

What is Funcional English?

To be granted a Work and Holiday visa, you need to be able to speak English at a functional level.

The following forms of evidence may be considered proof of functional English:

  • IELTS test results of at least 4.5;
  • OET test results;
  • evidence of post secondary tuition in English; or
  • evidence of 2 years residence in an English speaking country.

PLEASE NOTE: If you speak functional English, but are genuinely unable to obtain proof, you may request an interview with the Australian Embassy to assess your level of English.

However, you will need to provide a reasonable explanation as to why you cannot undergo IELTS, TOFEL or OET testing. The cost of the undergoing the English examination will not be considered a reasonable explanation.

Where can I get further information?

You can find further information about the Work and Holiday visa on the department's website:

Before you apply for the visa, you can also contact the department by telephone and email:

Telephone: +1 905 280 1437 (Americas Contact Centre)


After you apply for the visa, you can contact the department via email at

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Last Updated: 22 July 2017